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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Upcoming: Murder at Happenings at the Harman, January 29th, noon

Don't miss

Murder on the Bare Stage!

at Happenings at the Harman
Wednesday, January 29th at noon - Bring your lunch!
hosted by Shakespeare Theatre Company
in the Sidney Harman Hall Forum

Sidney Harman Hall
610 F Street New
Washington D.C. 20004

More Details here:

Information about the show is all over this blog, especially during the months connected to its "Must-See," 5 Star, "Best-of-the-Fringe"- rated run during CapFringe 2013 this past summer.

Please check out collected reviews at the entry dated July 23rd, 2013.
Great praise for star Stephen Mead, as well as for the Idyll form and approach.

Highlights include:
"Stephen Mead's name could be on that
shortlist of gifted-at-playing-crazies"

"Brilliant character actor"
 “I experienced the idylls more as music
than as text... In the same way that a great
symphony can conjure a broad range of
emotions and even narrative without the
help of text, the sound was more intoxicating 
 than the meaning of the words”

 “a fantastic opportunity to catch a brilliant
artist in an intimate setting.” 

 - Ben Cattell Noll
Washington City Paper

 “Dark. Powerful. Mysterious. Magnetic. Suspenseful.”

“avant garde masterpieces in the making 
by poet Magus Magnus”  
  “Stephen Mead presents a truly 
breath-taking and captivating 
 “allows one to return the very
heart and essence of theatre.”
  “truly a ‘must-see’”

 -Veronique MacRae
DC Metro Theater Arts

“a tight series of works that blend
well together as a whole, while
remaining accessible to the audience.”  

-T. Chase Meacham
DC Theatre Scene

Stephen Mead