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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Upcoming, April in Baltimore: CruMoPoPerFest

Several Idylls will be performed outdoors in Baltimore for the 7th Annual Cruellest Month Poetry and Performance Festival (CruMoPoPerFest).  Please Check out all the events for this festival in the announcement below.

Meanwhile, my gracious neighbors, Helga and Allan Abramson, gave a "salon" in their home for Idylls last weekend.  It was great fun, guests regaled by our hosts with delicious sweets and expertly brewed teas.  I look forward to posting what pics come in, of the party and of the performance.

Sue Struve performed "A Native Chief's Captive Woman Guards One Freshly Caught." (Please check out her profile and photos of her in action elsewhere in this blog).

Sue Struve

The form of the Idyll is versatile, intended to be so, in that it can be performed anywhere, congruent with its ancient history:  theatre easily done on the street, in the marketplace, and in private homes.  So it was proved this weekend, with regards to in-home performances! - thanks to Sue in her masterful rendering of the Captive Woman, and thanks to Helga and Allan in their hosting.  (And we'll have our shot at street and sidewalk in the Waverly neighborhood of Baltimore next month.)  The intimate setting of the Abramson's living room brought everyone into a circle of intensity generated by Sue's performance.  There was something particularly resonant with this piece in that setting.  Here was an indoor, quiet, quite civilized gathering - game enough to enter into a shared imagining of this savage wild Mindscape, an idyll concluding with, "Pretty soon you won't ever again be able to live within hard walls."

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