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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Opening Weekend: "Must-See", Five Stars, "Best of the Fringe" from DCMTA

I think so far I've been able to get out a lot of theory and description about the process/practice of performing the Idyll form: what the experience is to audiences, what it's techniques are to actors, and what it's aesthetic intent is to contemporary theater.

How wonderful to receive a review that accords so well with these artistic intentions, as well as with this blog's ongoing project of communicating and clarifying (as much to myself as to others) the Idyll form as an idea and source of dynamic force for theater and acting.

As Murder on the Bare Stage went into the first weekend of the 2013 Capital Fringe Festival, DCMTA (DC Metro Theater Arts) had already recommended it as a "Must-See"; so then, it was all the more gratifying - and good for the show -  to receive DCMTA reviewer Veronique MacRae's opening night review giving us 5 Stars and "Best of the Fringe" status.

Here's the link to the review:     Five Star Murder

"Dark. Powerful. Mysterious. Magnetic. Suspenseful." leads into understanding and confirmation of the raison d'etre of our endeavor (this contoured collaboration intermixing the Idyll form with Mead's expertise in "dramatic recitation"): "...performance that thrusts the audience into a world of imagination and creativity that allows one to return the very heart and essence of theater."

Huge accolades for Stephen Mead include descriptions of his performance as "truly breathtaking," "captivating."

And I don't mind what was said about my pieces in the show, don't mind at all.

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