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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boog this weekend, Nerve Lantern show 7/19, and Rain Taxi interview up now

This Weekend!: Boog Poets Theater Night
@ Welcome to Boog City Festival of Poetry, Music, and Theater 2014
Sunday, August 3rd                  doors open 5:30pm
Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Avenue A       New York, New York

Boog 2014 program

I've had the pleasure to curate - and will have the pleasure to present tomorrow night - the following works...

Geoffrey Gatza, Duchamp Draws Rrose Selavy

Laynie Browne, Tardigrade Play

Joel Allegretti, Confession?

Carlo Parcelli, The Gospel According to Simon Kananaios: a Meditation on Empire

C. J. Ehrlich, Ask Zsuzsanna: Single Motherhood at 50

7:15p.m. Janis Butler Holm, S_ _ T

7:20 p.m. Ellen Redbird, Seventh Half: an excerpt from Unrequited Symbiosis: a Mitochondrial Mistranslation & Underwater Opera

7:35 p.m. Joyelle McSweeney, excerpts from Dead Youth, or The Leaks

Photos from Nerve Lantern show

here I am, reading drone

& here's an interview on Rain Taxi with poet Jay Besemer
much talk of Idylls and the imaginary in performance
Where the Blur Occurs

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