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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SiGiLPAL logo

Long time in coming, I've had occasion to devise the logo for SiGiLPAL:
Sui Generis Literary and Performing Arts Lab
(Originally, Sui Generis Literary Performing Arts Lab, but I did want to retain a free hand in multiple endeavors both literary- and performance-wise, and breaking out of any genre restrictions suggested by "Literary Performing Arts," much as that's a new genre needing to be defined notwithstanding the sui generis relation of these endeavors to and beyond theater and poets theater and poetics theater).

With SiGiLPAL as a performing arts lab, as mentioned in earlier posts, I continue to transition into a new batch of Idylls, bringing with it new variations on the forms and techniques. At some point, I expect to step up the lab's activities.

Meanwhile, on another front, I put together a Kindle book on the Free Spirit, as current concept and historical heresy, so finalized the sigilization of SiGiLPAL for the logo for the book...  

Here the Sui Generis Literary and Performing Arts Lab functions in its literary experimental capacity, to produce the Kindle incarnation of The Free Spirit.
Please click here to check out The Free Spirit on Kindle

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